Recent and forthcoming events we’ll be attending…


Owing to the situation with COVID-19, we have had to cancel all outings for Le Bleu in 2020. Hopefully we shall be back next year…!


World Bookshop Day Private Hire (6th October 2018)

Hinckley Tin Hat Xmas Fair (16th November 2018)

Private Xmas Hire (3rd December 2018)

Harborough Christmas Market (30th November-2nd December)

Holistic Harborough (13th April 2019)

Nottingham County Show (11-12th May 2019)

The Rutland County Show (2nd June 2019)

Lutterworth Summer Festival (18 August 2019)

Harborough Holistic Fair (28 September 2019)

Harborough Christmas Market (9th December 2019)

Our Stocking Policy

Inclusion of a title on the Festival Bookshop for sale is entirely at the discretion of the bookshop management team, and will depend upon factors like the event being attended, the saleability of a title, the anticipated audience at an event, ensuring that a balance of genres is available for sale, and many others. The Festival Bookshop operates like any commercial bookshop, taking a percentage of the cover price on copies sold, in line with normal trade discounts. We cannot guarantee that any title published by any Troubador imprint will be included in the stock list for the Festival Bookshop.